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Francesca Franceschi.

I was born in Rome in 1974, I’m an Artist and Graphic Designer.
As a designer, I specialize in pattern design illustration, with decades of experience in Fashion and Printing applied to Fabrics.
I graduated as a Graphic Designer at the Quasar University of Rome in 2002.
Since 2012 I have lived and worked in the Netherlands; I am based in Amsterdam.
I had worked for several Fashion Companies such as Vlisco, G-Star, Diesel, Miss Sixty.
My work consists mainly of drawing and illustration, exploring different analogical and digital techniques. 
My inspiration comes from everywhere as life is intense and exciting; My aspiration is to have fun while working.
Balance, diversification, narration, geometry, depth, organicity are fundamental elements in my works.
Superfluo is a bright colour concept, such as feeling through colours, is an expression of what is not needed but necessary.