︎Francesca Franceschi︎
Visual Artist-Designer

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Francesca Franceschi.

I was born in Rome in 1974 and am a visual Artist and Designer.
Since 2012 I have lived and worked in the Netherlands, based in Amsterdam.
As a designer, I specialize in pattern design illustration, with decades of experience in Fashion and Printing applied to Fabrics.
My work consists mainly of researching, drawing and, illustrating, exploring different analogical and digital techniques.
As a visual artist, I carry out projects using different mediums, mainly related to fabrics.
My inspiration comes from everywhere; life is intense and exciting, and I aspire to have fun while working.
I have a special relationship with colours because I am synaesthetic; emotions, numbers, letters and memories have a colour for me.
Superfluo is a bright colour concept, such as feeling through colours and expressing what is unnecessary but necessary.



Through this work, I wanted to tell the adventure of a night out spent dancing to electronic music at the club amidst lights, colours, and glitter until dawn. My exhibition starts with a cosmic sunset, which expresses the emotion and expectations one feels towards a millenary human ritual, towards an ancestral need like dancing in front of a fire to the rhythm of a drum. The hypnotic music, the electronic loop, the liberation in dance, dancing until losing the sense of time: I tried to represent using a light language, fun, and very colourful elements.

I close the circle with the night, represented by a woman who dances and escapes at the first light of dawn. This adventure is a representation of my life experienced firsthand as a lover of nightlife, music, and dance. I made four tapestries at the textile workshop of the Tilburg Museum  and two objects representing cosmic emotions: one warm and one fluo.

The tapestries are made of Acrylic wool, Merino Wool, cotton, and lurex. The objects are made up of numerous plexiglass discs mounted on a wooden frame and connected to each other with fishing lines, like embroidery. The overlapping of the plexiglass discs creates a great variety of colours, thanks to the transparency and glitter of the discs.

My exhibition is hosted at the Collection M Gallery in Amsterdam and is available for viewing and purchase www.collectionmgallery.com
Photo by Enza Di Lecce